April 11, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Linjär Switch GB has completed. All orders shipped. Extras will be available next week.
  • Bentō deskpad GB will start next week.
  • We are out of stock of a decent amount of switches. Most are supposed to be here by the end of April. Make sure to check out our inventory page - https://novelkeys.xyz/pages/inventory
  • Godspeed Glow deskpads (Pink, Blue, Green) have been shipped from China. We are still on track for a May delivery.
  • Nautilus R2 Deskpads have also been shipped from China. We are still on track for our May delivery.
  • NovelKeys 65% board hopeful final prototypes expected around May.
  • Metropolis is doing very well. With extras being purchased we are over 600 base kits. I think 1,000 base kits is within reach. If we hit 1,000 base kits, we will work on adding something extra for the base. Keyforge is also doing some awesome artisans for this set. Anyone who purchases a base kit will be entered. 1 entry per person. Join the GB here - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/gmk-metropolis-gb
  • YOK Mint Pandas are almost sold out. These will not be restocked after selling out. We are aiming to do one more color for the YOK switches. Stay tuned for that. Purchase here - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/yok-mint-pandas
  • No other updates at this time