August 5, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • YOK Polar Panda Switches now available -
    • Why another color? While we didnt have any plans for new colors, we really liked someone's comment on our instagram asking for light blue and to call them Polar Bears. We went with it, and are doing Polar Pandas. :)
    • Depending on demand, these may get restocked.
    • Every Polar Panda order will receive a Polar Panda sticker (until we are out of stickers)
  • Still waiting on our force tester for the springs. We will update as soon as we find out news.


GMK Bentō

  • Keycaps
    • Just got shipping notification. I expect to receive our kits on August 16. Shipping will happen the following week.
    • After all GB ships, we will place our extras up for sale, along with Rama extras.
  • Deskpads
    • These will be shipped out tomorrow. Everyone should have received their tracking notifications.
    • Extras available later this week

JTK Hyperfuse

  • zF is still waiting for the shipment to arrive to them. They will then ship it out to us.
  • Extras available after the GB ships

All other GB's

  • No news or updates at this time