February 27, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • No real updates at this time. A lot of out of stock switches will be delivered by next week. So expect a restock.
  • No updates on the 65%. Hopefully will have news soon.

GMK Chocolatier GB Updates

Fox Forest Deskpad Extras

GMK Bentō GB

  • GB ends tomorrow! We are killing the MOQ. Currently over 560 base kits not including the extras.
  • With the extras we will purchase, all kits have hit MOQ including Kobe!
  • Deskpads will come at a later date after we finalize the samples
  • Join here - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/gmk-bento-gb

iSwitch Deskpad GB

GMK Metropolis GB

All other GB's

  • No new information or updates.