July 19, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Restock of stabs - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/cherry-stabilizers
  • Restock of QMX Clips - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/qmx-clips-plate-mount
  • Kailh has updated the BOX switch housing. We will slowly starting having stock of this. The only change is that the little hole in the bottom of the switch is now sealed up. This will be a slow transition, and orders will not have mixed variants.
  • MOI checked out our springs, and we think there may have been a mix up between bottom out and actuation with the manu. Working through this and will have an update as soon as we can.
  • Just as a heads up, the best way to reach us is through our contact page. We try to keep up with Reddit/Instagram/Discord messages, but something those messages will fall through cracks. https://novelkeys.xyz/a/help

GMK Korean Beige Add-on Kit


  • This GB will launch in August 3rd! Designed by hineybush.
  • Pricing announced - Pretty excited about this base kit price!
    • Base - $115
    • Alphas - $70
    • 40s - $35
    • Spacebar - $35
  • Geekhack thread here - https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=100444.0


  • Just received word from SP that sorting has begun and production fully complete. Should be shipped out to me by the end of the month.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships

All other GB's

  • No news or updates at this time