July 24, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • H87a PCBs available here - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/h87a-pcb-by-hineybush
  • We still expect Gateron Inks to be restocked by the end of the month, but depending on shipping it may be early August.
  • Still working on springs. No update on that.
  • Just as a heads up, the best way to reach us is through our contact page. We try to keep up with Reddit/Instagram/Discord messages, but sometimes those messages will fall through cracks. https://novelkeys.xyz/a/help

GMK Vaporwave

GMK Dots

JTK Hyperfuse

  • Sorting is just about complete. Will be shipping to me soon.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships


  • This GB will launch in August 3rd! Designed by hineybush.
  • Pricing announced - Pretty excited about this base kit price!
    • Base - $115
    • Alphas - $70
    • 40s - $35
    • Spacebar - $35
  • Geekhack thread here - https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=100444.0"

Bento Deskpad

  • These will be shipped out in early August. They will be arriving to us shortly.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships.

GMK Metropolis Cable Update

  • Production is still happening on these, and we have a slight delay. Current estimate is end of August for the cables
  • No extras will be available

All other GB's

  • No news or updates at this time