June 3, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

NK65 - Aluminum Edition

  • Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/tRttpev
  • Specs
    • Modified Top Mount - Plate screws into top case, PCB screws into plate, and plate screws into the bottom case. This design allows for no visible screws once assembled.
    • Case, Plate, PCB included
    • PCB Designed by Yiancar.
    • Via, QMK Compatible
    • USB C
    • Per switch RGB
    • Hot swap with fixed layout
    • Plate/PCB Switch Compatible
    • Plate Mount Stabs only
    • Only one color will be offered to start off with - Dark Grey/Black
    • $140. Preorders will go live sometime in June. We are still working on the date.

GMK Olive GB

SA Fluffy Clouds GB

GMK Bentō Updates

  • This set is just about to wrap up color samples.
  • Current estimate is late July for completion of production
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships

JTK Hyperfuse

  • Just got another update that production is looking to be completed by the end of this month. They are still working on JTK Arctic, and as soon as that is wrapped up, Hyperfuse will start. The novelty text keycaps have already been made for this set as well.
  • There will be extras available after the GB ships

SA Kobayashi

  • Still waiting for shipping from SP. This set is apparently completed, but is now just waiting on shipment.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships.

All other GB's

  • No news or updates at this time