November 19, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Switch testers are now restocked! Testers are now made out of acrylic and we are offering a larger size. Prices have been slightly reduced as well. -
  • Gateron will be retooling the ink switches to help out with the loose leaves. This is not a recall, and they are not replacing switches. We will be putting the current stock of ink switches on sale during the BFCM sale below. We have an estimate of December for the updated switches.
  • No other updates at this time. Please make sure to check out our inventory page for stock updates -

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

  • We are doing a pretty substantial BFCM sale. This sale will start on Tuesday - November 26, 2019. It will last until the end of Cyber Monday.
  • Sales will only be good on in stock products.
  • The sale will only be good during that time. Sale prices will not be able to be applied on past orders or orders made after the sale.
  • Switches (lots of them!), deskpads (all of them!), apparel, and plushies will all be going on sale. We will also have a random sample deskpad sale.
  • More info on this will be released closer to Tuesday.

GMK Analog Dreams

HSA WoB Keycaps

GMK Pretty in Pink

  • The order has been placed with GMK
  • We ordered extras as well. These will be priced the same exact as the GB, and we have went ahead and donated all profits on these extras.
  • Here is NovelKeys donation confirmation -

GMK Greek Beige Add On

  • Currently gathering all numbers from proxies and will submit to GMK asap.
  • Extras available after the GB ships out

GMK Metropolis

  • All sets have arrived to us.
  • We will start shipping out today, and should have them all shipped out by Friday
  • Extras will be announced at a later time


  • PCBs have arrived to us. Cases are still in transit. Still slated to ship out before the end of November.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships

Bento Nanos

  • Just received an update that these will be ready to ship to us this week
  • Most likely no extras available

All other GBs/Preorders