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October 11, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Nothing really new here!

GMK Pretty in Pink

GMK Camping

JTK Vostok-1 GB

GMK Crimson Cadet

NK65 Update

  • This is slightly delayed. Should be shipping out to us at the end of October, and we should receive it by the middle of November.
  • Everything is on track to be shipped out to customers by the end of November

SA Olivia

  • Just received word that these are in production now. Still on track for a October delivery
  • No extras available

GMK Metropolis

  • Current estimated ship date from GMK is October 24. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive to us.
  • All sets should be able to be shipped out by the end of November

GMK Vaporwave

  • Still waiting on the pink color sample
  • If the pink color sample is good, GMK will be shipping early December to us.

GMK Dots

  • Still color sampling right now.
  • Estimated ship date from GMK is early January


  • Color samples approved
  • Estimated ship date from GMK is end of January

GMK Olive

  • Color samples approved.
  • Estimated ship date from GMK is in November.