October 18, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Kailh Switch Restock - https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/switches
  • Switch testers will be coming back hopefully pretty soon. We just got in our laser cutter and we are starting to dial it in. As soon as we are ready, switch testers will go back up for sale.
  • International Shipping - We have turned on Zonos to allow for most orders with Fedex to prepay duties/taxes. If you choose the option that has duties/taxes included, the package will arrive to you without any additional costs. We are still working out some kinks (we have had some odd calculations here and there), but should have it all sorted out next week. I have call with Zonos next week to make sure everything is correct and good to go.

GMK Crimson Cadet

GMK Greek Beige Add On

GMK Pretty in Pink

GMK Camping

JTK Vostok-1 GB

SA Olivia

  • This is currently finishing up production. Slight issue was found during production that is causing a little bit of a delay. Should be shipped out in November

All other GB's

  • No updates at this time