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October 28, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

GMK Greek Beige Add On

GMK Pretty in Pink

GMK Metropolis

  • Just got word from GMK these are for sure shipping to NovelKeys on Oct 31. It can take up to two weeks to be delivered.
  • Still looking at a November ship date to customers
  • Extras available after the GB ships

GMK Vaporwave

  • Color samples approved. In queue for production
  • Extras available after the GB ships


  • Production complete. Currently being packaged from factory.
  • Still slated for late November shipping for customers
  • Extras available after the GB ships

Bento Nanos

  • No solid timeline given to us, still. Production seems to be complete, and they are currently shipping to keebwerk.

KAT Milkshake

  • Factory finalized production estimate. Slightly moved back to March. Color samples approved

All other GB's

  • No updates at this time