September 17, 2018 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • We are now offering Cherry switches for sale. We currently offer 4 varieties, but may expand that in the future.
  • We have new colorways of the Godspeed deskpads in - Laser and Panda.
  • We have an artisan keycap series - the Oopskey - that will go live at 1:00pm EST today.
  • Hako Royal Clears are now for sale. Just a few more BOX switches remain to get them all updated to the new stems.

Novelias Updates

  • These should be able to ship by the end of September

Camping Deskpad Updates

  • These will be shipped by the end of this week. They are arriving today sometime as long as there is no issue with customs.

XDA Scrabble Board Updates

  • We are just waiting on the final updates for BOX switches and these will be shipped out.
  • They should ship out by the end of September

GMK Greek Olivetti Updates

  • This set, unfortunately, did not hit MOQ, and was nowhere near the total. We have refunded everyone who ordered on our site.

GMK Mr. Sleeves Updates

  • We are still steadily getting orders, but we could use an extra push to help us hit the MOQ. 
  • Current total (not all proxies updated) is 101 sets sold. This does not include the extras that the proxies will purchase.

NASA Deskpad Updates

  • We are still live with out NASA deskpad GB. These are officially approved designs by NASA
  • Runs until September 21, 2018