September 21, 2018 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

GMK Mr. Sleeves Updates

  • Last day to order!
  • Current total (not all proxies updated) is 128 sets sold. This does not include the extras that the proxies will purchase. With the extras we will order, we are closer to 180 sets. So we are getting close!

NASA Deskpad Updates

  • Last day for the NASA deskpad GB. These are officially approved designs by NASA
  • Runs until September 21, 2018

Camping Deskpad Updates

  • GB complete - all packages shipped out today (unless you had Novelias on your order as well). 

XDA Scrabble Board Updates

  • GB complete - all packages shipped out today.

GMK Olivia Updates

  • Production is being started soon. Estimated ship date is October 19. Thats a ship to date us, not out to the customers.