Input Club's Hako Switches
Input Club's Hako Switches
Input Club's Hako Switches
Input Club's Hako Switches

Input Club's Hako Switches

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Hako switches, designed by HaaTa (Jacob Alexander), use Kaihua Box switch architecture and a custom slider to achieve their smooth tactility. The carefully measured springs fill two roles in all Hako designs. First, they lighten preload to reduce jarring finger impacts. Second, they add cushion near bottom out. This results in a more comfortable experience for all typists, regardless of their typing style.

Hako True switches are designed to be spiritually similar to 55g Topre, while Hako Clear switches are a touch closer to Cherry MX Clear. Both switches use the same slider mechanism and differ only with the weight of the spring.

The Hako Violet switch is the lightest switch Input Club has developed using their new slider design using a spring weighted at just 50g. Hako switches have a smooth tactile profile resulting in a unique feel that encourages proper touch typing. Hako Violet switches use the lightest spring in the Hako Family, making them quite easy to enjoy using. 

The advertised ergonomic improvements are accompanied by general design updates like per-switch drainage and reduced stem wobble. You can view measurements on Input Club’s Comparative Switch Guide.

Please note that Kaihua is switching over to an updated housing design. This is only cosmetic. The bottom of the housing will be solid, instead of having a hole.  

These switches are sold in packs of 10. Quantity 1 = 10 switches.