• What is your return policy?
    • I don’t accept returns due to the nature of these products. If you have a problem with your order, please email me and I will do the best I can to help out.
  • Can you offer cheaper shipping?
    • No, the shipping prices that are shown are directly pulled from USPS and are the actual price. These are the cheapest prices I am able to get.
  • What is your processing time?
    • I usually am able to ship out within 2-3 business days. 
  • What is the shipping time?
    • In the United States, Priority mail is 2-3 business days and First Class mail is 3-5 business days
    • International orders – Priority mail is 7-10 business days and First Class mail is anywhere from 2-5 weeks. 
  • Will you mark down the value of my order for customs?
    • No.
  • Where are you located?
    • I am located in WV in the United States


  • What is the latest status on this preorder or group buy?
    • Please check out the update page for preorder and group buys. You can find that here.
  • When will “x” switch come back in stock?
    • Please refer to the Inventory page. I try to keep that as updated as possible. You can find that here. Please allow at least 24 hours from the most recent update to the inventory page before sending an email. 
  • Will you reserve switches for me once they are restocked?
    • No, sorry.
  • If a switch is out of stock, does that mean its out of stock for the switch testers?
    • No, I have a reserved section of switches that are dedicated to the switch testers. If the Inventory page states that the switches are out of stock for the testers, then yes, it is out of stock for the testers.

Switch Testers

  • What switches come with “x” tester?
    • Please select “Switch Selection” and choose your own switches.
  • Will you sell switches individually?
    • Sorry, but no. The 25 Slot Tester is your best bet to buy numerous amounts of different switches.
  • Will you sell multiples of one switch in the testers?
    • Sorry, but I cant do that. My stock would deplete way too fast.
  • Will you sell me one of every switch you have?
    • Thats just not an option for me to offer. Sorry. .



  • Why is my account not active?
    • I recently switched from Woocommerce to Shopify. With that transition all account will have to be created again. However, if you use the same email and password to create your new account, it should restore your purchase history. 
  • I sent you an email and havent heard back in a couple days.
    • Please shoot me another email. Sometimes I miss an email every now and then. I apologize for that!
  • I sent you a reddit/facebook/instagram message, but I havent heard back? Whats going on?
    • While I try to respond to every reddit/instagram/facebook message, I am not always able to reply. Always use email to get in touch with me. 
  • When you say switches are sold in packs of 10, how many switches are included in a quantity of 1?
    • 10 switches would be quantity 1. 20 switches would be quantity 2. And so on. 
  • I am trying to add “x” amount of quantity to my cart, but it is only letting me choose a lower number.
    • That means I only have that amount of inventory on hand.