Alps Switches GB

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Update: This GB has been cancelled. All orders will be refunded. 

Alps Switches GB

This is a group buy for Alps Switches. Jake (/u/jacobriek) will be coordinating (ordering the keyboards/desoldering/shipping to NovelKeys) the GB, while NovelKeys will be hosting/packaging/shipping the switches. 


The switches will all come from vintage Alps boards. They will be desoldered. They are rated by Jake at around 7/10. Please note that these are vintage switches. They may need to be cleaned, and may have some dust in them. There is a limited amount on most switches, although there are plenty of the SKCL Yellow, and SKCM Black. 


The switches are sold in packs of 10, except for the SKCL Lock. The SKCL Lock switch is sold individually. 


Please note that this a Group Buy with an expected ship date of December 2018. There could be delays and setbacks. The Group Buy will run until August 24, 2018. 

Please do NOT add anything else to your cart besides the Alps switches. If you add anything else to your cart, your other items will be delayed until the GB ships. 

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