Let's Split - Vitamins Included Kit

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Let's Split - Vitamins Included

This version of the Let's Split (named Vitamins Included) was designed by Duckle29 (smuttenDK). It features a fully complete PCB with Kailh's PCB Sockets. No soldering is required for this PCB. To set up the PCB, please follow the instructions on github. You will also need a TRRS cable and a Mini USB cable.

The original Let's Split was designed by /u/wootpatoot.

The case was designed by StrataKB. The case is made out of acrylic, so please take care when pushing the switches into place and when assembling. Please make sure that your pins are perfectly straight on your switches before installing. Failure to do so can cause the hotswap sockets to pop off. 


Each kit contains

  • 2 PCB's with PCB Sockets - No soldering required
  • 2 acrylic plates
  • 2 acrylic bottoms
  • All mounting hardware. 


To assemble the case with PCB:

  1. Slide the longer bolts through the top of the plate
  2. Slide the spacers on the bolt
  3. Slide the PCB on bolts
  4. Screw on hex nuts
  5. Attach standoff's to the bolts
  6. Slide shorter bolts through the bottom of the bottom case
  7. Line up and attach bottom bolts with the standoffs. 

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