Oopskey Artisan Keycaps

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Oopskey Artisan Keycaps

The Oopskey artisan keycaps are a 3D printed set modeled after iconic erasers. These come in a pair - the 2u Backspace eraser, and the 1u eraser. The height of the backspace Oopskey is very well suited for GMK keycap heights. The first run will only be sold in the set. It will come with each keycap, plus a limited edition sticker. 

Please read the following. 

These are 3D printed and hand painted. There will be some minor variations/defects from keycap to keycap. These will be minor. These are not intended to be put on and off switches often. Because of the nature of the keycaps, the stems can be fragile. We will warranty against cracked stems only upon arrival. 

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