August 1, 2018 Updates

Posted on August 01 2018

NovelKeys Updates


  • All Olivia RAMA X/O keycaps have been shipped for those who only purchased them. The ones purchased with GMK Olivia will be shipped out together
  • GMK Olivia color samples have been ordered. This will be the 3rd round, and we are pretty sure this color will be spot on. Olivia and I both agreed on the same color without even knowing it.
  • After we receive the new color samples and approve, I will have an updated timeline.

SA Kobayashi

  • Order has been placed with SP.
  • Current time estimate is July 2019 for these to be completed. That could change though. If anything changes, we will keep you posted.


  • Oasis RAMA XO Keycaps have been ordered through RAMA.

DSA Milkshake

Camping Deskpads

  • Production is wrapping up. These should be shipping out to me by Friday, and should be delivered to me around early September.


  • We are still on track for a September shipment. Possibly could have a delay that pushes us into late September/early October.

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