August 20, 2018 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • We have restocked some of the BOX switches with the updated stems. The rest of the BOX switches will be updated in September
  • Two new GB's have started. Mr. Sleeves Add On Kit and GMK Greek Olivetti are live.

XDA Scrabble Board Update

  • Because of the BOX switch stem issue, we have to delay the GB. We are currently waiting for a restock of all the BOX switches to be able to complete this GB. Sorry for the delay on this!

Novelias Update

  • Novelias with updated stems are almost complete in production. Then they will be shipped to us.
  • We expect to have these orders completed by the end of September. 

GMK Olivia Update

  • We are still waiting on the current round of color samples to be delivered to us. 

DSA Milkshake

  • Order has been placed.