February 20, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • We expect a restock of Godspeed Deskpads later this week. Should have updated inventory soon.
  • We just received our HS60 PCB's. We will have a page up for them later this week. Small amount of HHKB and a decent amount of the normal ANSI.
  • Linjär GB ends today at 6:00pm - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/linjar-switch-gb (please note that I may not be able to shut it off exactly at 6:00, so as long as its open you can still place your order.

Space Cadet Deskpad GB

  • Shipped and completed.
  • We will have extras available after most likely by next week.

GMK Chocolatier GB

  • Our estimated delivery date is March 1, as long as things dont get stuck in customs. We will keep you posted on when we receive them
  • There will be extras available for this as well.

Fox Forest Deskpad GB Update

  • We expect to receive these deskpads along with our Godspeed restock.
  • Expect shipping to start next week sometime.
  • Extras will be available after the GB ships

GMK Mr. Sleeves GB Update

  • We have finalized the color choices. We will be going with the original peach color and the second round of the blue color.
  • This was sent to GMK, and we will update you once we have more news.

All other GB's

  • No new updates right now.