February 4, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • We are out of town from Tuesday-Friday of this week. We have a business trip. During this time we will not be able to ship anything out. Most likely we won't be able to answer support emails either, but may occasionally be able to check.
  • NovelKeys Creams - We received these late Friday. Because we are heading out of town first thing tomorrow, these will start shipping on Monday next week. These got held up in customs for a couple days, so it delayed us just a little bit longer than we had hoped.
  • Space Cadet Deskpads - They are arriving today. Once we get them, we will check over them. They, too, will start shipping next week. We will also take a close look at the Cream deskpads. There were reports of it being slightly green.
  • GMK Bentō - Off to a solid start. Base is hitting MOQ already with the extras that will be purchased. Kobe is a little slow, but we are also buying extras of that. I think it won't have any issues hitting MOQ.
  • GMK Mr. Sleeves - Nathan Kim received the newest samples of the peach color. He made a post here asking for feedback - https://www.keebtalk.com/t/gb-gmk-mr-sleeves-addon-kit/3315/46
  • DSA Milkshake Extras - We will work on getting these live late next week. Be warned, there are VERY few of anything left. We will make a post with the stock we have and the time it will go live next week.
  • All other GB's - Nothing to report on here. They are still on track and going solid. This includes: GMK Chocolatier, Godspeed Glow Deskpads, SA Kobayashi, SA VoC, JTK Hyperfuse, Gateron Glow Switches, DSA Katakana, Fox Forest Deskpads, Nautilus R2 despads. All of these GB's will have extras for sale after the GB ships.