January 21, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

Introducing NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Pinks

  • Our latest collaboration with Kailh is now live - https://novelkeys.xyz/products/novelkeys-x-kailh-box-pinks
  • These switches are in stock and shipping now
  • The switches feature a midsized clickbar (mid-clicks)
  • The clickbar is right in between the clickbar of the BOX Whites and the BOX Jades. The creates a decent sized tactile bump that is more defined than the BOX Whites and more rounded than the BOX Jades. 
  • From my measurements, the Pink clickbar is around .27mm, the White is around .25mm and the Jade is around .28mm.
  • The spring weight is slightly heavier than Whites and Jades.

Cream Switch Update

  • Switches should be finished production on January 28 and will be shipped to us.
  • Once we receive them we will begin shipping out the preorders.
  • Expect the preorders to be shipped around the first week of February
  • After preorders are shipped, the extras will go up for sale

Mr. Sleeves GB Update

  • GMK has the new peachy color sample and will be shipping that very soon
  • After we see the new color, we will decide on if we will proceed to production

Space Cadet Deskpad GB Update

  • We expect to receive the deskpads later this week. After we receive them we will begin shipping them out.
  • We will have extras up for sale after the GB ships

SA VoC Update

  • Melissa contacted me about the color chips. She advised that the WV colored picked out for the cream color was no longer a cream color and more of a gray. She recommended that we used WCK or WBO instead. We opted to go with WCK to match the renders better.
  • Still not defined timeline on this.

All other GB's

  • This includes GMK Chocolatier, JTK Hyperfuse, SA Kobayashi, Milkshake Deskpads, DSA Katakana, Fox Forest Deskpad, Nautilus R2 Deskpads
  • There is no real update for these GB's.