October 15, 2018 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

  • Space Cadet Deskpads are available for GB
    • NovelKeys
    • Mykeyboard
    • Daily Clack
    • zFrontier
  • Cherry Clear and Blue PCB Mount switches are now available
  • No updates on cream switches. My contact is out of the office this week. I should hopefully have an update in around 2-3 weeks. 
  • No updates on the 65% board just yet. Working out a few of the last details for this. 

GMK Chocolatier Updates

  • We are nearing in on 100 core orders. This set is coming along nicely, and we shouldnt have any issues hitting MOQ at this rate. 
  • Make sure to join sooner than later though!

SA VoC Updates

  • This set is being produced no matter what. We are close enough to MOQ to make it happen 
  • We have several proxies for it
    • Mykeyboard.eu 
    • zFrontier
    • Daily Clack
    • NovelKeys

GMK Mr. Sleeves Updates

  • We are currently in the sample phase. Set will be made. :)

GMK Olivia Updates

  • Still in production. We will update once we have more info.