September 23, 2019 Updates

NovelKeys Updates

GMK Striker Update

  • We recently found out the 40's kit for the GB is missing 1 1.75u blank keycap.
  • We have been working with Zambumon and GMK to figure out the best solution. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication on the final approval for the kit.
  • This leaves us to do this. We are giving a $5 refund for anyone who purchased the 40's kit in the GB (please note that the kit picture was fixed for the extra sale). We will begin working on this, but it will take some time to get through all the orders for the refund. If you do not want the refund, but would rather return, please let me know via our support page and we can process that.
  • Unfortunately the timing was a bit rough for us as we found out about this Thursday night, and the extras sale went live the following morning
  • I'm sorry for any delay on this, as we just didn't have as much time as I wanted on this.

KAT Milkshake

GMK Crimson Cadet

JTK Hyperfuse

  • Half the shipment has arrived to us. We are currently waiting for the other half to arrive and then will start shipping.
  • Extras available after the GB ships

SA Fluffly Clouds

  • We have this order on hand, and will start shipping this week.
  • Extras available after the GB ships

NK65 - Aluminum Edition

  • PCBs are almost finished. They are compatible with VIA, and samples have already been tested
  • Cases are nearing completion.
  • We also are giving every NK65 a special NovelKeys carrying case.
  • Still slated for end of October delivery to NovelKeys. There could possibly be a slight delay depending on shipping.
  • Extras available after the GB ships.

All other GBs

  • No updates at this time