September 28, 2018 Updates

Posted on September 28 2018

NovelKeys Updates

  • Novelias extras are now up for sale - limited amount.
  • We now offer PCB mount Pro Heavy switches
  • We have updated the sample packs. 
  • All sample packs and switch testers now feature updated BOX switches
  • We have a big restock of various switches.

SA VoC Updates

  • This GB just started. It will run until October 28, 2018.
  • We have several proxies for it
    • zFrontier
    • Daily Clack
    • NovelKeys

GMK Mr. Sleeves Updates

  • Currently working with GMK to see if we can lower the MOQ. With extras, we hit just over 200 kits. Will update everyone once we find out.

NASA Deskpad Updates

  • Deskpads have been ordered.

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